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oCompetition time!! Your adventure in this rally ride is getting more and more unique with a super cool photo bomb competition.

TswanaFuel in Sherwood are one of our fantastic sponsors, and we have teamed together for you to stand a chance to pocket a “P2,000.00” CASH prize. Now who would want to miss out on this opportunity, not only for the money you could take home, but you get to brag to your friends too, about all the fun you’re having!

Towards the end of day two on the Giants Adventure Rally, as part of the route, all participants will be passing the TswanaFuel Station in Sherwood, where our photographer will be based, ready to capture your PHOTO BOMB MOMENT, that’s going to put cash in your pocket! Get your funkiest and funniest “photo-face” on for our photographer! This is compulsory for all participants, so make sure you plan for it, and come up with some fun ideas for your photo bomb moment.

Get creative…do whatever it takes to get that 2000 bucks in YOUR pocket, include your crew members, fool around with the TswanaFuel flags, bring a prop 🤠. But most of all, have fun with it! It is not compulsory to have more than one person in the photo, but the more the merrier. Double check that your pic is perfect and then get your move on for an ice-cold drink at the next stopover.

Your photo will be sent to you in the evening, so that you can start sharing it on your social media channels. Tag TswanaFuel and Muddy Face Botswana and make sure you also tag a whole bunch of your friends, so that you get LIKES fast…you only have one day to make it happen – the person who gets the MOST like is the winner.


So be ready to get sharing! We’ll close the competition at 4pm on Saturday and announce the winner during prize-giving.

Remember!! The more unique your photo, the higher your chances are of winning, so get planning on your exciting ‘competition piece’. Here’s some ideas… Hold a jerry can above your head? Do a wheelie with a TswanaFuel flag in your hand? Your photo can be anything, but will it be creative enough to get you the most likes? Take the head start opportunity to start planning your BEST PHOTO BOMB moment!

If you want to know more about TswanaFuel’s branding, click below to find out more. As the Giants Adventure Rally draws closer and closer, we are getting more and more excited to host you!

See you all there!


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IMG 6518
Makgadikgadi moonlight adventure
keep calm and photo bomb

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