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More than just a race
October 16, 2018
As we drove further into the wilderness the tar road turned to gravel. This is always my favourite part of any overland journey. The few other vehicles we saw on the way to the starting camp were covered in red African dust and offered an inciting preview of where we were heading.

We were heading for mud. The adventure tour we were registered for promised lots of it and that’s all it took to make up our minds and book the tour. When friends of ours came back from Fiji last year, the stories and pictures of their quad and motorcycle adventure tour inspired us to join them on their next expedition to Botswana. One that was certain to be crammed full of extreme fun.

With the gear heads as our travel partners we were well set to take on the trail. We helped them get their two quads and 125cc KTM set up at the start camp. As spectators we found it very easy to get involved with the spirit of adrenalin and expectation of adventure. The energy was very contagious. (We had already been instructed on the best make and model to buy for our next trip.)

We found the start camp to be the best place for socialising, with riders of all ages and spectators to make the atmosphere more festive. We were amazed at how well the event was catered by the participants. Not only did the riders have tons of off road vehicles and gear, but the living and cooking gadgets were next level. With technology of today the “roughing it” experience has become a little less rough. The level of comfort was second to none considering we were many miles from any power socket or running tap.

The trails that we travelled penetrate deep into pristine wilderness offering a new world of experiences that brought us closer to the wilder parts of ourselves. As nature enthusiasts we found a renewed sense of what it is to be human. Our spiritual energies were drummed up a beat during a festive drum session was held on one of the overnight stops.

Our guides were super enthusiastic and ready to assist us with information or training on how to ride safely and considerately on the trail. Once we were comfortable and riding well we were taken to a place that can only be described as supreme awesomeness in the mad mud.

This was the highlight for our mates and their son. Some mud with a bit of mud, served with some mud on the side. And for dessert , a little bit of sweet mud. Tearing though ruts and gullies that’ll keep the experienced riders sharp while there is mud for even the most novice of riders like myself. We were experiencing serious envy and wanted our faces to be as muddy as everyone else’s so as not to stand out so much.

Watching the riders zipping and churning through the trail I couldn’t help but feel like this course was designed by mother nature and placed right here in the heart of Southern Africa for the purpose of offering this extreme, high energy, off road adventure.

Botswana holds a special type of energy and visiting there has built phenomenal memories for us to cherish, and we leave knowing that our tour was made especially unique by the adrenaline seeking mud junkies that took us along for a wild ride under the African sky.
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  1. collins says:

    Amazing read, was very much sucked into the contrast of the actual excursion as with all the where about’s of the experience. My favorite context was “Some mud with a bit of mud, served with some mud on the side”.

  2. lola says:

    Thanks Collins! Glad the read kept you glued:)

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