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Makgadikgadi Moonlight Adventure - 2019

Where in the world can you ride dirt bikes at 01h00 in the morning, without a light and with absolute freedom? Most people will say no-where, some people will say they know some places but their spots are usually illegal or you will be reported by the fun police.

Well we have the perfect spot where you can literally ride all night and possibly run out of fuel before you run out of space and place to ride. Join us at our flagship event, Makgadikgadi Moonlight Adventure where, Ross Branch, multiple South African off-road Champion, as well as back to back winner of the Desert 1000 Race, along with one of Botswana’s busiest motocross moms, Lola Berrie, create a unique and once-in-a-lifetime event in Botswana’s pristine Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.

The 2019 episode of the Makgadikgadi Moonlight Adventure will be held on the nights of the 13th & 14th July 2019, which falls into the South African school holidays, as well as Botswana’s public holidays.


Once you've setup your tent and got your camp settled, we have a trail ride that leaves at 14:00 and will enjoy sundowners atop Kaitshe Escarpment. If you're a lover of views and beautiful landscapes this is a definite must, where you will have a full 180 degree view of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans in all its glory. We have a "jamming" line-up for the evening activities too! We've aptly named it, JAM IN THE PAN and we will take you into the middle of the pans for a fire dance show by The Magic Bean Theatre Company along with an acoustic jam with Jordan MoOzy next to our bonfire (PS BRING YOUR INSTRUMENTS ALONG FOR A NIGHT OF JAMMING). It’s a chilled out evening of fun ahead of the main show night. The JAM IN THE PAN will be held at approximately 8pm on Saturday 13 July. Guests will follow glow sticks out into the middle of the pan where there will be no artificial lights in this area and you will be able to enjoy the Milky Way literally from horizon to horizon, a complete dome of stars, with the fabulous moon as your back drop.


Sunday presents a completely different array of activities! If you've never been to Lekhubu Island (known as Kubu Island), this is the time to do it. The guide will leave at 10:00 and will return in the late afternoon, this is truly a phenomenal place to visit. Kubu Island is a national monument with fossilised beaches, strange stone walls and stunted baobab trees. The rocky outcrop rises just 20m above the Sowa Pan and was once submerged by the water of the super lake. This activity will be for bikes and 4x4s only.

In the late afternoon, we open up the action-packed activities with a bit of racing for the junior riders in the form of flat track. There are prizes for all the juniors that compete. After this build-up, senior riders will turn to the Oval Track, where they will race to raise money for Elephants for Africa, an NGO within the Makgadikgadi area providing assistance with human and elephant interaction. In 2018 we raised almost P4000.00 for the NGO and we hope to double this in 2019, so make sure you bring a little extra cash to put towards this fundraising initiative! An amazing prize donated by Great Plains Conservation, an all inclusive 2 bed nights for 2 people at one of their exclusive camps in Botswana.

Everyone LOVES a wheelie competition….we have the perfect place for this…The Makgadikgadi Moonlight Adventure…kilometers and kilometres of nothing, ideal to pop a bike onto its back wheel and just go for it for as long as you can!
While this spectacle is happening in front of your eyes, the Muddy Face team are busy behind the scenes setting things up for the House of the Rising Sun sponsored Night Enduro Cross for the more extreme riders.

This is a fast paced event and very spectator friendly. Riders need to have their wits about them to get through the technical route of rocks and logs, holes and jumps as well as the extreme scaffolding setups. For the rider it is ALL OR NOTHING, with the prize for the night enduro cross; 7 nights for 8 people at the House of the Rising Sun in Guinjata Bay, Mozambique, worth well over P40 000.00.
House of the Rising Sun Mozambique
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We're super excited!!!! Our live band for the weekend is Jordan MoOzy Live who will be bringing some goose-bump moments to the Makgadikgadi Moonlight Adventure, giving the riders and spectators more than what they bargained for. Man, oh man. These guys are stars in the making, and we know that this show is going to knock your socks off! Jordan MoOzy Live is a six piece band, led by songwriter and guitarist, Jordan MoOzy.
Jordan MoOzy Live is a six piece band, led by songwriter and guitarist, Jordan MoOzy. With Jordan's authentic song writing skills and unique voice, accompanied by the melodic sounds of saxophone, keyboards and lead guitar and rhythmic elements of drums and bass, the band provides an experience that will have you on your feet dancing and emotionally dazed by their performance - a night not to be missed! The band members include: Jordan MoOzy - lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Edmund Baikatlhodi - bass guitar, Khaya Groth - drums, Thabiso Mohlotsane - keyboards, Mopati Molosiwa - saxophone and percussions and Tshiamo Mashinini - lead guitar.


Once the heart-rate has calmed down, Muddy Face presents the main attraction of the event, the moonlight ride. The pan is lit up by different coloured glow sticks for riders to follow out into and around the pans. A 25km and a 10km for motorized vehicles and a 5km MTB loop too. In order to fully appreciate the greatness of the pans at night with the full moon, one has to actually go out and ride it. With the rise of the full moon the entire pan is lit to almost daylight, giving you a false sense of time, as one would think the sun actually never set. To give you more of an idea, you actually have a shadow in the middle of the night!

We also love an after-party - so bring your party shoes to join us a little MORE fun on the pan!


For this event, we setup a tent town in the middle of the pans with a whole infrastructure to cater for you our guest, from entertainment areas, to toilets and hot showers, as well as a catering point, we do our best to ensure you’re set for a weekend of pure fun with your family and friends as well as your bikes, quads, side-by-sides, dune buggies, bicycles and of course your off road vehicles!

It is absolutely incredible actually and only one way to truly experience it, be there!

A few things you need to know:

• Book early and if you do you might be able to secure one of the pre-set up tents
• Otherwise bring all your camping gear for three days and two nights
• Nights can get a bit chilly so bring some warm kit too
• On the opposite, the days can be pretty warm, shorts and T-shirts are in order
• Biking gear
• Food and water etc
• Bring some extra Rands or Pula with you because we do auction the riders off to raise funds for the Elephants for Africa and this year’s pool ended up being just under Pula 4000.00
• Bring your party shoes and be prepared to have fun for literally 48 Hours
• GPS in your car as well as a portable one would be handy

The Event Line-Up

Thank You to All Our Partners of This Event