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Maun Off Road National - 29 September 2019

We feel this is one of the most fun Off Road Nationals of the YEAR! Maun is a village full of fun, great pubs, funky people and of course its catered for the there is no shortage of extra things to do for the rest of the family.

This year the national loop will consist of two separate 50km loops, and competitors will need to complete two of each loop to complete the full race. Perhaps you don't want to race and just want to come and enjoy the scenic route, for this you can enter as a weekend warrior otherwise known as the WOW Class. Riders will all be given a tracking unit each, so that your family and friends will be able to watch you live on our website...

We've also made sure that the juniors are catered for, so there will be a 10-15km loop for the 50s, 65s and 85s as well as a weekend warrior class for the youngsters! If your little one is small and maybe not too confident, do not stress, you can accompany them and let them enjoy the fun of riding, otherwise there will be sweeps that will be following the group to help with those that might be struggling. Juniors also get a tracking unit - so parents can keep a watchful eye and know where their little ones are on the route.

This is a national race so if you'd like to compete and see how you feature against some of our top riders, you need to have a license! Please contact BMS on 77468336 to apply for your license.

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We also have something special for all the competitors and avid lovers of bikes - a Trials Bike Show, STUNTS IN THE SWAMPS by The Le Riche Brothers - click here on the button below to find out more about this show! THE FIRST 50 COMPETITORS GET A FREE TICKET TO STUNTS IN THE SWAMPS!