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Lepokole Hills Enduro - March 2019

Set on the borders of Botswana and Zimbabwe, Muddy Face Events will host the second leg of the Lepokole Hills Enduro. The event is set in the village of Lepokole, borne of rocks and river beds galore, with campsites based within the Lepokole Nature Reserve. Focused on bringing adventure for the whole family, riders of all ages can participate, from 4 years old up to whatever age you can still ride at. If you are not a rider, there is definitely no shortage of activities for you either.

TrainMe Sessions

Learn to ride the technical stuff! On Saturday morning championship riders, from top South African Teams take Botswana riders out into the field to train on enduro style riding. In Botswana, enduro riding is very new and this is a way of exposing riders to the variety of terrain you can take your motorcycle. There are slots for Junior riders as well as more experienced Senior Riders.

Drums of Peace

Another treat to the event, is an interactive drumming session with Drums of Peace within the hills, where visitors acknowledge the greatness and spirituality of the Lepokole Hills and its wildlife through the African drums. The jazzed up show echoes through the hills and vibrates positive energy from all angles of the event. Guests are given the opportunity to beat a drum instructed by a member of the team, to eventually put together a master piece distinctive to the Lepokole Hills Enduro, a truly memorable initiative.

Night Enduro Cross

The ever popular night enduro cross will open the event on the night of the 1st March, where extreme riders get to strut their stuff and show what they can do in the technical terrain under floodlights. This year we have a holiday prize within Botswana, watch this space for the amazing prize details.

Enduro Race

The route takes you around the Lepokole Hills Nature Reserve, through rocky passes, technical river beds and edgy slopes, all for the enjoyment of riding your bike in a special place.

Special Points of this Race

The route is marked by multiple South African Off Road National Champion and 7 times Desert Race Winner - Ross Branch
Loops for motorcycles and quad bikes
Special loop for the junior bikes, where safety is of utmost importance to us
All levels of riders are welcome, from beginners through to the more experienced rider
There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

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Bush Spa

For those that don’t ride a bike, and are supporters, we’ve created an amazing bush spa for you, secluded in the Lepokole Hills. Enjoy the peace and quiet, relax, switch off and just chill for a moment in time!

For the Kids and Explorers

The Lepokole Nature Reserve is home to ancient rock art and cultural ruins hundreds of years old. As part of the event, visitors are taken on scenic walks up the domed, rocky slopes of the Lepokole Hills and into a tree cavern which then reveals the vast wall of unique rock art. Kids are able to explore and adventure freely up the kopjies tailed by a guide, whilst parents took time out to absorb the breathe-taking views unique to this area of Botswana.

Live Music

To close off the event, a live music show is put on by Mandi Mashingaidze and the night ends with a jive and celebration of an event enjoyed by all.

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