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Basics of the Enduro

As the name suggests, enduros are an endurance style of riding, quite often spending four or more hours on your bike. Don’t be put off though, they can also be one of the most rewarding and challenging types of events you can ride.

In simple terms, an enduro is where a rider follows a pre-determined course, marked with day glow orange stickers through the bush. Each loop or trail section is usually around 30km in length and made up of everything from wide open fire trails to narrow tracks through tight bush, sometimes mud and river crossings get thrown in for some good fun as well.

Each Loop/Trail Section leads back to a “Control Point” at which you can fuel up, have something to drink, eat etc before checking in and proceeding onto the next section.

You are given a time to complete each trail section, enough time for all levels of riders to complete.

During the day, there are also “Special Tests”. These are a section of the trail that you are timed on, usually called an “Enduro Test” or a completely separate section close to the control point, called a “Cross Test”. It is the fastest rider in these sections that determines the winner in each class.

One thing about riding enduros, there is more to them than just riding fast. There have been a lot of fast riders that never finish the day. Bike preparation, mental and physical preparation, planning your day and pacing yourself, all have as much to do with winning as riding flat out.

They are great fun!, and compared to a lot of motorcycle racing you get to spend plenty of time riding your bike.

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