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James Morris, is one of those wild cats out there. He has loved motocross since he was a "lighty", and now at the spring chicken age of 21 he loves it even more. He will be riding his Yamaha 250 2 stroke at the Wings and Wheels at The Gaborone International Airshow.

In case you're interested in this young chap, his day job is a heavy plant mechanic, pretty apt for someone riding a 250 2 stroke! On a bit more of a serious note, James Morris has won a few Botswana National Championships in the days of his 125 and 250cc races. He has a pretty high chance of winning the P5000 up for grabs at the Enduro-X, so make sure you're there to support him.
If he had to choose between food, rent and a new bike - he'd take a NEW BIKE. He also rates his bike more important than his GIRLFRIEND 😍
A secret about him, that you might not know, he's a fidget spinner 🤣