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If the opportunity to achieve true greatness appeared in front of you, would you grab it with both hands? 

Well, here’s your chance to put yourself on the international Rally stage with TswanaFuel and Muddy Face Botswana’s star finding initiative – Go Rally Powered by TswanaFuel.

Thanks to endless miles of perfect riding terrain, Botswana has become a breeding ground for talent in one of motorsport’s most thrilling disciplines – Rally. To bring rise to the next superstar, riders now have the chance to compete for a significant cash reward, paid directly towards the entry of an International Rally of their choice.

Thanks to Ross Branch’s meteoric rise to fame in the Dakar Rally, the flame of an entire nation has been lit. While his results speak for themselves, his unavoidably infectious nature and unwavering commitment to succeed landed him a dream ride with Factory Yamaha and instant international stardom. But truth be told, the story goes far beyond that. Ross’s success proved that it was possible for a young boy from a small, relatively unknown mining town to go after his biggest dreams … and reach them.  Now you can too! All you have to do is embrace the opportunity! 

Before we dive deeper into this amazing opportunity, let’s define what rally is and what it takes to be a top competitor. To start with, you need to have a passion for speed and adventure, and it also helps to be a little fearless. Guided by self-scrolling road books, riders race into the unknown to complete marathon off-road stages in the fastest possible time. Events often last several days and cover hundreds of gruelling kilometres. The Giants Adventure Rally is a great example of this. Starting in the capital city of Botswana, Gaborone, riders will race towards the mighty Soloman’s Wall and back through some of the most challenging untouched natural terrain within the Tuli Block. Covering a distance of approximately 1000km in 4 days requires incredible fitness, bike and navigation skills, and a never quit attitude. 


The Giants Adventure Rally will see the launch of the ‘Go Rally Powered by TswanaFuel’ programme, where riders will battle it out to score points towards this amazing prize. They will need to navigate jeep tracks, river sections and deep bush, in an attempt to conquer the diverse and rugged landscape, and more importantly, the tough local competition. Riders will then need to do it all over again at the Plains Adventure Rally. The rider who scores the most points over the two events will receive P25 000 towards their next international rally entry. All thanks to TswanaFuel.

TswanaFuel is all about bulk fuel supply with 2 million litres of fuel storage across all sites. But they are also about empowering the nation, whether it’s through their support of Botswana owned businesses or helping to lift local talent. 

So, if you want to fuel your international racing career; or more fittingly; if you want to TswanaFuel your international racing career, then take Ross’s advice and make sure you grab every opportunity and make the most of it. Secure yourself one of the light road book units, kindly sponsored by TswanaFuel and Muddy Face Botswana. Then enter both rallies and start preparing for your chance at greatness. 

This is your moment! Seize it!

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