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On day 3 of the Giants Adventure Rally we visit a magnificent cultural landscape conserved by Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Here in the Tuli Block, close to the Pont Drift Border Post, is the most distinguishing feature – Solomon’s Wall is a 30m-high and 10m-wide basalt dyke cut naturally through the landscape on either side of the flooding Motloutse riverbed.

A constantly changing terrain. This natural and ancient phenomenon once formed a steep-sided natural dam wall across the Motloutse River. We can see the evidence of historic waterfalls in the numerous semi-precious stones found during peaceful walks along the sandy riverbed.

Solomon’s Wall offers many different opportunities if you enjoy it as a group or alone in your solitude. Climb the hills to explore the great San rock art, striking stone ruins, and abundance of birds and wildlife. For nature lovers, with many photo opportunities, this is truly a legendary experience.

Naturally, you will need an off-road vehicle (even in the dry season), making the location more special and renowned. Relax at the foot of the outcrops as tall fever trees line the natural beach, creating a beautiful shady picnic site while listening to the sounds of plentiful birdlife.


Surround yourself by bountiful nature,
and be rejuvinated and inspired

“A 4×4 trip to Solomon’s Wall is an inspiring journey where the ancient rock formations speak to your soul and enchants your heart and visual senses” ~ Botswana-direct.

Are you already yearning for this experience? So are we! We are proud to have this adventure included in the spectacular upcoming, 4-day journey of the Giants Adventure Rally. A trek through “The Land of the Giants” ~ from Gaborone to Tuli, leaving on Thursday 15 April to Sunday 18 April.

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