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Muddy Face Botswana and each of our rally’s, won’t be as spectacular without our sponsors! This is a fact. TswanaFuel is known for their incredible commitment to partner with Botswana citizens when it comes to the development of businesses in the fuel sector. More importantly, is their heartfelt support in promoting local businesses and Botswana as a whole.

So, we are honoured that TswanaFuel, with their authentic support, are sponsoring each rider participating in this adventure rally.

  • There will be a fuel stop every 50km, with the longest day being Day 1 which is 300km, so here you will need 5 containers, if you need to stop every 50km.
  • Fuel will be transported on different vehicles for each stop, it will be your responsibility to make sure your fuel is on the right vehicle, for the right stop.
  • On Day 0 (23 March), you will need to go to the TswanaFuel Depot in Gaborone (Click here for the Google Maps link to TswanaFuel) where you will be issued with 30 litres as a participant. Please give the name of the entered rider or driver, as this will be marked off on their spreadsheet for control purposes.
  • Make sure you fill up before coming to documentation at Melo Park.
  • Bring your fuel to documentation at Melo Park so that it can be loaded into the fuel stop bakkies, which will leave very early in the morning.
  • At the end of Day 1, at Bush Babies, we will top up the fuel containers and re-load for Day 2. Day 2 & 3 will run the in the same manner. 
  • It is advised to mark your fuel cans! 

There’s very few people who

who go the extra mile –

so go the extra mile

and give it all you’ve got

– Jim Leishman

By having TswanaFuel walk side by side with Muddy Face Botswana, their contribution is not going unnoticed, at all. 

TswanaFuel has a vision to be the preferred energy supplier in the region and their mission is to provide environmentally sustainable energy solutions as far and wide as possible. We stand proud next to them, knowing that we have greatness by our side.

Make sure to get organized with the planning for the Giants Adventure Rally, as we count down the last week to the rally start. Don’t forget to plan your TswanaFuel Photo Bomb moment!

Muddy Face Botswana
making the ability of going the extra mile possible

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