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Over time, the planned route has been adapted due to the floods in the Limpopo River. But even though the route has slightly been changed, the new green and lush terrain make it more exciting for those adventure-seeking riders and drivers who are thrilled to adventure through. You can expect quite a bit of riding in reserve as well, which makes the journey unique.

Day one will start in Gaborone at Melo Park, and we will make our way near Machaneng. With 3 special stages, day one promises to be challenging and adventurous After this, ride off of the river for a bit for a breather, and then lastly, back onto the Limpopo River for about 20km more of great fun. The final stop will be at Bush Babies Botswana where you will get a well-deserved rest before the next day’s expedition.

Day two’s riding will be to make way to Kwa-Nokeng. Expect more of Limpopo’s muddy riverfront riding. This is also the PhotoBomb Day. We will end the day off with a short special stage that ends at Kwa Nokeng Lodge, who will be ready and waiting with an ice-cold beer!

Progressing from Kwa-Nokeng to Kwadiwa, day three also holds a surprise. There will be two special stage sections, each with a different distance variety. The total ride to Kwadiwa is 160km of private farm routes and a bit of breathing time on the Tuli Reserves Road. The segment ends at Limpopo Lipadi Game Reserve where riders and drivers will trailer to Kwadiwa Ranch Lodge. There is also a unique viewing point where lunch will be served, this put on by the Southern Tuli Reserves Farmers, in an aid to raise funds and awareness of the poaching in the Tuli Block area. Please SUPPORT them here. All crews are invited to be here!


The further I travel,

the closer i am to mysELF

-Andrew McCarthy

And of course, thanks to a lot of farmers and landowners, a lot of wet Limpopo riverfront riding will be possible. The Baobab Forest is also a huge attraction for so many of us, and again, you get to enjoy the sights due to a lot of farms that have opened up their gates to Muddy Face Botswana riders and drivers. This is an exceptional opportunity.

Small kopjes, nutrient-rich grasses, beautiful reflecting water, and splashing of mud everywhere. There will be so many sights to digest when making your way up to the….. drainage line dam and riding along the edge of it in farmland.

Day four is a fun breakfast run loop on the Kwadiwa Ranch Lodge farm. Riders and drivers can ride to their hearts content, do as many laps as you want to and then it’s time to end this adventure.


Makgadikgadi moonlight adventure
Let’s wander where the WIFI is weak.

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