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Fuel plays a crucial role in the Giants Adventure Rally, as running out of it will undoubtedly ruin your day. Read on to discover the details of the fuel stops that will be implemented during the 2024 rally.

So how will it all work? Let us explain:

  • There will be a fuel stop every 50km, if you need fuel every 50km then you will need to bring at least 4 jerry cans. PLEASE INSURE YOUR FUEL CONTAINER IS MARKED CLEARLY.
  • The vehicles used for refueling will be prepared the night before each day of riding to ensure an early start on the route. The initial refueling will occur at Kwa Nokeng Lodge immediately after completing documentation and registration on March 20th.
  • It will be your duty to ensure that your fuel is loaded onto the correct vehicle for each stop. Different vehicles will be used to transport the fuel, and each vehicle will be clearly labeled with its designated fuel stop. This will allow you to easily identify the vehicle on which you should load the fuel.
  • Make sure you fill up your jerry cans before coming to documentation at Kwa Nokeng Lodge, so you don’t have to go back out.
  • After completing Day 1, when you reach Kwa Nokeng, it will be necessary to replenish your fuel containers and prepare for Day 2. Remember to also refuel your bike or side-by-side.
  • Once Day 2 is over, you will have to replenish your containers once more and load them onto the vehicles in preparation for Day 3.
  • Closest filling station is Kwa Nokeng, which is as you turn off the main road to Kwa Nokeng Lodge, very prominent and very convenient as it is right next to the lodge.
  • Kwadiwa Ranch Lodge will have fuel for sale to refill your containers and machine ready for Day 3.

There’s very few peopleĀ 

who go the extra mile –

so go the extra mile

and give it all you’ve got

– Jim Leishman

A massive thank you to Motul Botswana for running the fuel stops and backing us up at the Giants Adventure Rally 2024!

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Make sure you check out their awesome products and offers, by catching them at their fuel stop or at the bar after a good day’s riding!

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making the ability of going the extra mile possible

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