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Maun Off Road National - 29 September 2019 - Entry Form

ALL Riders Must Complete This Form

Self Scrutineering Form - To Be Completed by ALL Competitors

I, the signatory, hereby give the above detailed undertaking of compliance of this motorcycle with all the technical specifications for Motorcycles, current at the time of and in addition to the safety and environmental requirements, including those that refer to entry, protective and safety apparel for the rider.

I the undersigned have and agree to be bound by the general competition rules and the supplementary regulations for any competition in which I take part. I agree that neither the promoter, organiser, guarantor and/or any sponsor of any competition, or the owners of any land on which the competition is held, nor any government, provincial, or municipal body and their respective officials, agents or representatives, shall in any circumstances whatsoever be liable for any damage done to, or done by any vehicle entered by, or ridden in, or attended upon by me in any competition, or for any personal injury, fatal or otherwise – or loss of whatever kind sustained by myself, or by any person riding in or attending upon it, or any person whatsoever, whether caused during any competition or practise/s period or while the said vehicle is on any roads forming part of the track or route, or any deviation therefrom, or any approach by whatever means such damage, injury, or loss may be caused, and even though the same may be contribute to, or caused by any wilful act, neglect, or default of any official, agent, servant or representative of any promoter, organiser, or sponsor of the competition, or the owner/s of the land on which the competition is held. I hereby indemnify the promoter, guarantor, or sponsor of the competition and the owner/s of the land on which the event is held and their respective officials, agents or servants and representatives of any legal liabilities for any damage, or injury, or loss so done or sustained as aforesaid. I further declare that I am aware of the risks, dangers and perils attendants upon motor racing competitions, which I hereby assume. This indemnity shall apply to all competitions in which I take part, whilst I am the holder of a competition licence issued to me by Botswana Motor Sports, or any other such association recognised for this event. * *
I in my capacity as parent/guardian do hereby consent to the participation of my son/daughter/ward in the above event for which a valid competition has been issued. I further agree that this form of consent be read as part and parcel of and together with the above mentioned indemnity which I gave also signed this day and the contents of which are fully understood by me and my son/daughter/ward. I hereby acknowledge that I am fully conversant with and assume the risks, dangers and perils of motor sports, participation therein is allowed by the issue of a competition license by BMS or any other such association recognised for this event.