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Our electronic roadbook units have arrived! Thanks to a partnership between TswanaFuel and Muddy Face Botswana we have imported two electronic roadbook units, which will be made available to those aspiring riders that want to move from cross country racing to rally racing. Our aim with these units is to create opportunities for local riders to broaden their horizons into other areas of off-road riding and essentially grow Botswana’s footprint on the world rally scene.

With Dakar Rally embracing this technology, from 2023, all roadbooks will be electronic, hence why we took the decision to go electronic and not manual. The tablet used for this system is custom built for rally conditions, it makes use of a trip meter, cap repeater and GPS all in one, so you don’t need a separate device for each navigational element of roadbooking.

With the recent success of Ross Branch and a few others starting to following in his footsteps, we felt it was time to introduce this system to the local riders. This system will give riders the opportunity to see if they enjoy rally racing without having to go out there and pay large sums of money on a roadbook system before they even know if this is a career path for them.

creating opportunity for more rally riders to come out of botswana!

Botswana has the perfect terrain for rally raid due to its wide open areas, desert terrain and long winding dirt trails.

If you are a rider and would like to make use of our electronic roadbook units, please get in touch on or call us on +267 71216904.

You can also book one of these units to participate in our adventure rallies, watch our social media pages for more information on our rallies.


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