Douglas Morris barely needs an introduction! He's one of Botswana's best. Fast, calm and dedicated to the sport. He has represented Botswana at the Motocross of African Nations 4 years in a row, with this year to be his 5th. In terms of Off Road, Doug has raced the Desert Race 3 times. We believe Doug has a very high chance of winning the P5000 up for grabs at Wings and Wheels.

For Doug, riding a dirt bike helps clear his mind and in most cases his bike and his heart are synchronized, we are sure that's what makes him such a talented rider. Watch Doug compete for that P5000 at the Wings and Wheels at The Gaborone International Airshow on his KTM 250SX-F.

Have you guessed where Doug would rate his bike and his girlfriend? Is his bike more important than his girlfriend, let us know what you think on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being not important and 5 his bike being more important).