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Starting from humble beginnings on a pit bike 8 years ago, Boineelo Rantao has come a long way in his off road motorcycling. Boineelo got his first racing bike in 2013, a YZ125 and now he competes on a YZ250F in both motocross and off road racing.

This is another rider, who would choose a new bike over paying his rent or for food, but then again, who wouldn't? No one can quite understand it, until you actually put yourself in that saddle! Would he chose his bike over his girlfriend? You'll have to ask him that, perhaps he would?

Does he have any secrets 🤐 the one he answered with was that he likes interacting with people, and coming from a guy who seems relatively shy, I can see why that is a secret!
By the age of 19, this guy won the Botswana Motor Sports B1 class at the Toyota Desert Race 2016 and has had a number of podium finishes in motocross. We'll have to see how he does on a more technical circuit at the Wings and Wheels at The Gaborone International Airshow on 6 August 2017.